Your Guide To Shopping The Sales

50% off. Two for the price of one. Free gift with purchase…


Bargains are always tempting. We get the urge to buy things just because they’re cheap, and can find so many reasons to justify our shopping. Even when we buy things that we can’t use or didn't even need in the first place!


We’ve all been there.


Choosing a size that’ll never fit you because “It’d be nice if it did”.

Buying something that’s not your style because “It’s trendy”.

Purchasing an item that isn’t flattering because “It’s such a lovely color”.


Maybe you’ve bought a one-piece swimsuit even though you always wear bikinis (“They look so good in the magazines!”). Or you got a pair of boyfriend-cut jeans when it’s skinnies that suit you (“Everyone is wearing them, maybe I should too!”). Perhaps you felt the need to invest in a floral print, despite patterns really not being your thing (“But it’s the trend of the season!”).


And the list goes on.  You can always find (or make up!) an excuse to get out your credit card when it comes to the sales.


Yes, the price is discounted. It might be so reduced that it costs less than a cocktail. Okay, so it’s a handmade/designer/unique piece. No, you haven’t already got anything like it in wardrobe.


But do you really need it?


The answer is the difference between a beautifully curated closet and a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes.


Here are the 7 questions every stylish woman asks herself when she goes shopping…


1. Does it fit? - If it doesn't fit perfectly, no matter the price tag it’s not going to work.

2. Is it flattering? - If it doesn’t make you look or feel fabulous, put it back on the sale rail!!

3. Does it match my style? - If you usually rock a classic pared-back look, why are you considering a frilly maxi-dress?

4. Would I have paid full price for this item? - If not, you have to question how much you really like it.

5. Does it work with the rest of my wardrobe? - If you have to buy something else to go with it, it’s not a bargain!

6. Do I own similar items already? - If you’re replacing a wardrobe basic, then buy-away! If it’s going to sit alongside the six other neon t-shirts you don’t wear, then pass.

7. Will I wear it next year? - Do you really have money in your style budget for items that you’re only going to wear once or twice?


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