The Stylish Woman’s Gift Buying Guide

Buying the perfect gift for someone is either super-easy or super-difficult. There’s no in-between!!

You either know exactly what to get or have no idea whatsoever.

Personally, I love giving gifts! It’s important to look after yourself, but it’s also important to take care of others

Especially at this time of year, there are so many adverts on television and in the shops trying to encourage us to buy big piles of presents and spend lots of money, but my opinion is that sometimes a small thoughtful gift means a lot more than something big or expensive.

This is especially true when it comes to friends, your sisters or your mum, as these days, people tend to buy what they need for themselves, rather than wait to receive it from someone else.

It’s also not about how much you spend, rather – it’s about finding something that you know your loved one will appreciate. Even if you are fortunate to be able to spend as much as you like, remember that no price tag compares to the feeling of “Wow, she remembered that I love …..”

To ensure I get something special and something which will be really appreciated, I create a list throughout the year and add ideas whenever I hear someone say “I like this” or “I’d like this” to give me something to work with when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

The Stylish Woman’s Gift Buying Guide


The gifts I love to give:

  • Personalized gifts (something engraved or embroidered, for example, a mini leather purse with initials)
  • Hand-made gifts, if you’re crafty and have time. I often go to a local artisan fair and buy some beads, crystals and silver charms and make bracelets with jewelry elastic.
  • Useful/practical gifts. These are things that I know the person needs/wants - even if it’s not something I’d buy for myself.

Because I live in Italy, I get the opportunity to buy things that you cannot find anywhere else, such as artisan “Made in Italy” products. Therefore, for friends, I often get some sort of jewelry (silver or bijoux, but usually handmade), cosmetics (natural!), accessories (like scarves or gloves), leather goods or even food (chocolates or something very “Italian”).


Things I consider when buying gifts for girlfriends:

  • Their style. Are they shabby chic? Romantic? Minimalist? Classic?
  • Their favorite colors. If they hate pink, they won’t appreciate a cute pink diary!
  • Their lifestyle. If they have babies, I focus on finding more practical presents, while if they’re single or without children, I usually go for more style-led gifts.
  • Their interior décor style. If you’ve never been to someone’s apartment, it’s not a good idea to buy homewares, as it might not match with their design (and you’d be surprised how, quite often, you can’t guess at someone’s home style from their personal fashion style!).


Gifts to avoid

I don’t recommend buying perfume, art, lingerie, books or even home décor.

These are intimate items, if you don't know exactly know what your recipient likes, and you don't get it right, it’ll either end up in the bottom of a drawer or in the “to be recycled” pile.


Your gift buying checklist

  • Do your research before buying presents.
  • Choose thoughtful gifts over “expensive-for-the-sake-of-it” gifts.
  • Avoid fast fashion stores and big brands. Go for handmade, personal and special. These are the kind of gifts that mean the most.
  • Buy something that they will like rather than something you like. Remember, what will make you most happy is to see THEM happy!!
  • Your goal is to find something memorable that they will treasure for years to come.


Great gift ideas for stylish women

  • For the fashionista: jewelry, purses, scarves, gloves, THIS illustrated Coco Chanel book (on this occasion you can ignore my rule above about “no books”!!)
  • For the globetrotter: passport covers, luggage labels, miniature versions of her favourite toiletries.
  • For the beauty junkie: a makeup bag, a “Tangle Teezer” (these can also be personalized – see HERE, the latest cult accessory, like this jade face roller.
  • For the homebody: closet organizing accessories, stylish kitchen gadgets (if they enjoy cooking), scented candles & diffusers (I love the range from Millefiori).


A note on returning & re-gifting

I’m not a big fan of returning presents. Sometimes it is the case that an item is not the right size or fit, but if it’s changed to something totally different, the essence of gift giving is lost.

For me, presents are “future memories”. If you get them right, whenever they are used, seen or experienced by the recipient, not only will it remind them of you, but they’ll also realise how special they must be to you for you to have bought them such a wonderful gift!

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