Personal Branding Basics: How to stay on brand and consistent with your style

We all want people to think the best of us, and we all want to make a good impression. It’s just human nature!

We spend hours and hours researching, shopping and getting ready to go to the ‘big’ events in our lives - weddings, parties, networking events, dates - but what about our everyday appearance?

How much effort with your appearance do you honestly make when you think no one ‘important’ is going to see you? When you’re doing the weekly food shop, when you’re hanging out at home, when you’re grabbing a quick coffee with an old friend?

For anyone, but especially those of us who run our own businesses, it’s essential to remember that your personal style is the visual representation of who you are. It’s a powerful tool to leverage and vital for building trust with your customers and potential clients.

If you get it right, people will understand you, who you are and what you stand for - before even meeting you (for example by seeing a photo or video of you online) or before you say a word.

And this is why you need to be consistent.

You can’t just dress up for a special event (networking, meetings, etc.) but then look like a hot mess in your pictures, videos and Zoom calls the rest of the time. Your goal should be to develop a style that’s always recognizable regardless of the occasion or dress code.

In other words, always make the same visual impression even when you bump into a client in the supermarket on a Saturday morning. Sounds impossible? Not at all!

5 Ways to Stay Consistent With Your Style

Tips to stay consistent with your style

  1. Learn the colors that flatter you and stick to them! They don’t necessarily have to be the same as the brand colors of your business, but they do need to work with your skin tone and eye and hair color.

  2. Find your style and use it as your starting point every time you go shopping or get dressed! Are you a classic Chanel type of woman? Or a boho-chic Sienna Miller type? A rock-chick like Kate Moss? No matter your style direction, you can have a touch of it in your everyday wardrobe regardless of where you’re going or whom you’re seeing!

  3. Find the cuts that flatter your figure. We all have different body shapes - learn what works best for your physical features and make that item a staple of your wardrobe. You want to hide your hips and show off your beautiful legs? Then it’s time stock up on high-waisted mini skirts!

  4. Choose your signature accessories. Are you an all-pearls-girl? Or maybe you prefer blingy costume jewellery? Figure out what sets your heart on fire and make it part of your signature look! Who said that you can’t wear a statement piece with your everyday t-shirt and jeans look?

  5. Bring it all together. Find the right balance between the different styles, colors, cuts and accessories. Don’t overdo it just focus on the overall feeling of your looks.

Making long lasting first impressions is all about putting people at ease by letting them know what they can expect from you. Not everyone needs to like you (and believe me not everyone will, even if you’re the most wonderful person in the world). But you can still make them feel that they can trust you and believe you. Authenticity is the key! Once you learn to be yourself, everything else will fall into place.

It’s time to begin your journey to discovering who you really are through finding your style... I’ve created a free downloadable guide to help you define and refine your personal brand.  Get it right now!

Veronika Nemeth - Style Coach & Image Consultant

Veronika Nemeth is a Personal Branding & Style Coach, based in Milan, Italy. She works with ambitious businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who have a desire to create a unique & authentic image that enhances both their professional & personal lives.

Veronika’s mission is to empower women to build wildly successful businesses & lives by creating a confident, authentic & stylish personal brand.

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