Your secret weapon to success

In today’s corporate world stakes are real high to perform. As a leader, you are constantly challenged regardless of your career level; yet not everyone will have a thriving professional progress.

But what’s the difference between successful and average?

Whether you are starting out your career, are an aspiring manager or an established leader, there is always a way to be better.   Life is about connections both personally and online, and those who are clear about what they stand for are able to connect with their audience on a much higher emotional level. You may have experienced already that professionals who take time to consciously develop their personal brand, tend to have a much greater influence on their teams and colleagues.

Over the course of your career there are countless situations where you are required to manifest your values and demonstrate your leadership skills. Appearance, behavior and communication play a very important role in presenting yourself and certainly make a difference in how others perceive you. But without a real understanding of your personal ‘why’, your life purpose and your unique quality, your self-image tend to cause dissonance, perplexity and insecurity. With that said, it’s safe to state that the real secret of dominating leaders is clarity about their self- identity. When you are able to master self-awareness and be your best self on the inside, it becomes incredibly easy to align your external image with it and your audience will automatically resonate with your charisma.

If you would like to take the leap and start building a strong professional image, I recommend you to analyze the following areas. 

  1. Understand what your real passions are. Think about activities, situations or challenges that excite you.
  2. Identify your most important personal attributes. Think about how others describe you as a person at work or in personal life.
  3. Get clear on your top skills and greatest strengths. Think about things that benefitted you along your career.
  4. Find out what differentiates you from the competition. Everyone has something to offer that no one else does. Dig deep to understand what makes the real difference. 
  5. Once you gained clarity on who you are figure out what kind of leader/professional do you want to be and which areas do you need to improve to get there. Recognize the gap and identify your personal ‘why’.

This little exercise will give you a much better understanding of yourself and your current situation and will trigger a higher level of self-awareness in your life and career.