Flattering colors: warm vs. cool hues

Summer is around the corner and we are ready to upgrade our wardrobe with new staple colors. Stores are filled with countless tones of pastels, as well as vivid blues, reds and yellows. But which color should you go for?

Fashion trends have a great influence on us but one of the most important style rules of the pros is only wearing flattering clothes. And this includes their color choices. Just because it is fashionable it will not immediately look good on you. Colors have great impact on our overall appearance and could even influence our behavior. Unflattering tones make us look older, exhausted or dull and they even have an impact on how people perceive us.

Although hair, eye and skin color are the most obvious features that define our color-group, the fundamental difference comes from your skin's particular undertone. Those with cool complexions usually look more radiant in colors with blue or rosy undertones. Optical white and clear shades of grey, blue and red are remarkably complementing their skin tone, just as much as silver jewelry. People with warm skin tones usually have golden and yellowish hues in their pigmentation so their flattering colors are rather based on yellow. Their coloration is extremely enhanced by creamy, soft colors; such as variations of beige, orange, brown and yellow. If you have warm undertones your complexion looks noticeably better when wearing gold toned jewelry. 

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